Ballymena BID Businesses Offered Retail Audit


BALLYMENA BID has partnered up with renowned retail business expert Hugh Black, to offer members the opportunity to conduct a retail audit of their business. 

The detailed audit will look at every aspect of the business, both in store and online, and provide the business owner with a full detailed report and recommendation on how to take your business to the next level.

Ten BID members will be able to avail of a retail audit offer with Ballymena BID covering half the cost and others will be considered thereafter.  Any retail business including coffee shops, jewellers and clothing stores can take part.

Hugh Black, who started his retail career over thirty years ago and was the youngest ever manager of Dunnes Stores in Ballymena said; “A retail audit is a great way of having a comprehensive look at the current situation of your business.  By really delving into how your business is perceived from a customer’s perspective, it gives you the opportunity to identify and understand how to improve key elements which in turn will increase footfall, drive sales, improve customer satisfaction and improve overall merchandising and presentation.”

Ballymena BID manager, Alison Moore commented; “We would encourage BID members to undertake the retail audit as it is an excellent opportunity for you to obtain expert advice from Hugh Black who has a wealth of experience in creating and maintaining successful retail businesses.  Ballymena BID will cover half the cost of the audit for ten BID members, working on a first come first served approach and others will be considered thereafter.”

Local art gallery and framing business owner, Paul Evans recently conducted the retail audit and said; “I own an art gallery and picture framing business, and although things run smoothly I knew there was room for improvement. With Hugh’s experience and reputation in the retail sector I was confident I would be getting guidance from the best. 

“Following a series of mystery shops, an online audit of our social media and website and a full in-store audit I was presented with a detailed audit report. Hugh dedicated a period of his time to talking me though the report and provided me with invaluable tips on additional areas such as visual merchandising, customer service, social media and marketing.

“It also advised me on what steps to take to improve and more importantly reach and retain more customers. We have already started to implement key changes to our business and seeing positive feedback from staff and customers.”

The retail audit will cost £149 with Ballymena BID covering the remaining £150.  To find out more information on the retail audit, please contact Ballymena BID on (028) 2568 9440.

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