BID Means Support

Ballymena BID is leading the way in helping to improve the trading environment of member businesses in the BID area.  We are committed to assisting BID members through a range of initiatives to improve their trading environment some of which include;

  • Plans for improved transport including; car parking Initiatives, better signage and maps and working with public transport providers to ensure better service provision.
  • Saving your business money by negotiating with trade waste, recycling, advertising and insurance providers to drive down costs of contracts.
  • Regular ‘business environment updates’ which will contain information on town centre footfall, car parking, new businesses openings and town performance.
  • Connecting businesses with the right people or organisations that can assist them.
  • We will act as an influential lobbying group, working with others on behalf of the town centre businesses to ensure that your views are heard and represented at the highest level before all relevant agencies.
  • Ensuring Ballymena town is a friendly, welcoming, safe and clean place for our visitors, workers and traders.