Cash Returns

rsz_cash_largeDate: Saturday 1st September 2018

Location: The Braid Arts Centre, 1 – 29 Bridge Street, Ballymena.

Time: 8.00pm

Admission: £16.50

Ages: All ages

‘Hello, I’m not Johnny Cash’ – Cash Returns has been hailed as the greatest and most exciting Johnny Cash and June Carter Tribute in the UK and Ireland by fans, promoters and venue owners alike.¬†Johnny Cash fans will be able to once again walk the line with the award winning show at the Braid Arts Centre on Saturday 1st September, for what is set to be a very special night.

Winner of the ‘Best Tribute Band’ at the 2016’s ‘Hot Country TV Awards’, the show has a fantastic live and energetic six piece band, including the award winning JP Mac as Johnny Cash, whose baritone voice and tone is scarily uncanny to the Man in Black’s himself.

JP is then joined by the show’s newcomer Kim Crumley as June Carter. Kim brings all the vibrancy and onstage sassiness of June Carter, complete with fantastic vocals. Combined, JP and Kim along with their hugely talented band truly bring their audiences with them to a place when Cash and Carter reigned.

‘Cash Returns’ has been playing clubs, festivals, cabarets, hotels and theatres throughout Ireland and the UK for the past five years, as well as having numerous radio plays nationally and internationally. An official accolade of support was also made from Johnny Cash’s very own Drummer of nearly 40 years W.S (Fluke) Holland, who was completely blown away and remarked “If anyone hears JP Mac they will know why he is an award winning Johnny Cash act – I would see this guy play in person” on his Tennessee based radio station.

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