Merchant Services

MERCH_ICONBallymena BID has partnered with BOI Payment Acceptance UK (BOIPA UK), in an effort to reduce businesses’ costs for credit and debit card transactions and acceptance fees. 


BID members benefit with BOI Payment Acceptance

BOIPA UK will provide BID members with a wide range of credit and debit card payment solutions to make payment acceptance easier.

Card payments are continuing to rise especially contactless payment as consumers continue to move towards the most convenient payment methods.

The process to sign up and switch over is quick and efficient and will create savings for the businesses involved.



CARD£40 Money back: BOIPA UK is offering Ballymena BID members £40 money back when they sign up to BOIPA UK for their card payment services (*£40 will be paid by voucher 3 months after sign up).
Free logo printed on receipt: All Ballymena BID businesses can get their logo printed on their receipts FREE of charge.
Preferential Pricing: We have special rates available for all Ballymena BID businesses. Get in touch today to discover how much you could save.
Exceptional Service: Ballymena BID businesses will have a dedicated field engineer on hand to help out every step of the way.

For further information and to sign up check out